High Definition Phone Deal - HTC Touch HD for under £27 per month

The HTC Touch HD has received fullsome praise from all comers and deservedly so, thanks to its innovative and feature rich design. grab this deal, packed with free minutes, for a bargain price of £26.75 per month, saving you almost £200 over the contract life. 

  • Handset name: HTC Touch HD
  • Supplier: E2Save
  • Free handset: Free
  • Contract name: Racoon £35 
  • Free call minutes: 900
  • Free Texts: 3,000 
  • Rental/month: 6 months at £1.99 then £35 for 18 months 
  • Contract: 24 months
  • Offers: Unlimited landline minutes

Click here for HTC Touch HD from E2Save deal

[Wait until window loads, click Orange tab, then scroll down to deal]




Look and feel

HD refers to high-definition and, once the screen is fired up, you will be championing for all phones to boast such a vivid display.


Ease of use

Switching the Touch HD on involves an element of thumb twiddling.



Touch the screen anywhere when taking a photo and that area becomes the focal point. It is a useful feature if you wanted to focus in on something.



When streaming video via the device, the impressive 3.8-inch display once again comes into its own.


Battery life

With a talktime of 390 minutes and a standby time of 450 hours, the battery life is impressive.


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