Samsung announces Propel and Magnet mobile phones

Samsung has unveiled two new mobile phones at the CTIA 2009 show.

The main announcement is the launch of the Samsung Propel, early news of which we featured last October, that features a slide-out, full QWERTY keyboard for texting and emailing. It also features Instant Messaging.


The Propel includes a video share feature which allows two Propels to share, in real time, any form of video while still talking on the phone, according to the company.


The new phone includes GPS facilities too for all your location searching requirements. Measuring 3.85" x 2.33" x .58", the phone  features a music player too. The built in memory is but a mere 50Mb but the handset does feature a microSD card slot.


The other phone, the Samsung Magnet, is a basic handset whose primary purpose is to act as a messaging device. It does not include any of the facilities you might expect from such a chassis such as GPS or 3G.


No release dates or price details were available.


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