APP WATCH: Turn your phone into a remote control

We were in Paris yesterday, being wined, dined and shown Orange's La Collection, a bi-annual catwalk type exhibition of the operator's new innovations. Unfortunately they are largely confined within French borders, but we were still pretty excited about their whole concept of creating and connecting your digital home.


A lot of what we saw centered around being able to access all your media files, contacts and websites on any device, from any device. For example, Stereo Adaptor would allow you to play music files from any device onto a hi-fi system, while Livebox connects all Wi-Fi devices in the house into a multimedia network.


And a neat way of tying it all together is their new multimedia remote app, which allows your phone to act as a control for all files on say, your laptop and your PC, and then play media files on for example, your TV and stereo. As well, Orange will provide an actual remote control.


The Media Remote Control will be available in France from 2010.

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