Lebara Mobile?s April offer

International calling giants Lebara Mobile are hoping that a one month only offer will entice even more customers to join their growing ranks. For the whole of April, Lebara customers will be able to text each other for free no matter how many they send. In addition the first 15 minutes of every Lebara to Lebara call made will also be free, with no connection fee or hidden charges. Other standard Lebara rates apply including national calls at 10 per minute and all national and international text messages at 10p per message.


Lebara prides itself on providing some of the cheapest international rates available from a mobile including 4p to an Australian landline or 7p per minute to an Indian mobile.


Customers can buy a Lebara SIM card from the likes of Tesco, Asda or online at www.lebara-mobile.co.uk.

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