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Mobile gaming is finally taking off, with the likes of Nokia ramping up its gaming services, and ever more games downloaded from Apple's App Store. Here are the top handsets for getting some mobile playtime.


Nokia N96

Nokia's flagship N-Gage handset (at least until the launch of the N97 later this year) is a great all-round gaming phone. With N-Gage you've got a ready-made catalogue of advanced games, but it can also play Symbian and Java titles, giving you a huge choice.

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Apple iPhone 3G

The don of the mobile games scene thanks to its touch'n'tilt controls, its powerful graphical capabilities, and its easy-to-use App Store. That said, you can opt to buy an iPod Touch instead, which has all the same features but doesn't require a mobile contract.

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T-Mobile G1

The first Android handset is a bit of a chunker, but the appeal is the Android Market store, on which games are a big feature. Meanwhile, Android has potential to be a powerful gaming platform, so expect plenty of games to come out for it in the months ahead.

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BlackBerry Bold

A BlackBerry? For gaming? Absolutely. Lots of developers are excited about BlackBerry's games potential, partly because so many have been sold. With the BlackBerry App World store live by the time you read this, the Bold is the most powerful handset to take advantage.

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Sony Ericsson F305 Gaming Edition

There's still plenty of good stuff happening in the Java gaming world, and the F305 is an excellent yet affordable way to check it out. Not least because it comes with a bunch of preloaded games from EA, including Tiger Woods and Tomb Raider Underworld, plus dozens of demos.


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