Vodafone HTC Magic out on 1 May

This time it's for real folks - the second Android phone will launch on May 1, and free on Vodafone's £25 contract to boot.


The HTC Magic Pioneer (once known by the slightly more humble ‘Magic') is a Vodafone exclusive and is the successor to last year's first-ever-Android phone, the T-Mobile G1. According to Mobile Today, T-Mobile is thought to be snapping at the bit for the third Android phone.


The Magic (Pioneer) is a QWERTY-less touch-screen smartphone running on Google's open-source Android operating system. Check out our hands-on demo here.


The Magic was meant to come out in April, amid lots of hype and reporting on its specs. Do hyped up, overdue handsets annoy you? Here's what our Reviews Editor thinks of them (hint, it ain't pretty).

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