Windows Marketplace supported by big names

A slew of developers have just signed on to be the first to get their apps on Windows Marketplace for Mobile, to officially launch later this year. Boy, has that thing been a long time in coming.


Pretty much any big company in the gaming, social networking, and ‘utility and productivity' app business will be selling their applications through Microsoft's long-overdue gathering of their 20,000+ Windows apps for mobile.


Facebook and MySpace are onboard, as are game developers EA Mobile, Glu Mobile and Gameloft. WinMo users will be able to buy the software via credit card or just charge it to their phone bill.


In a magnanimous-for-Microsoft gesture, you'll be able to return an app for a full refund within 24 hours, and Gatesian minions have even announced that developers will be able to update apps for free, contrary to previous reports that each update would cost US$99.

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