iPhone not a top 20 internet phone

Contrary to the hype, the iPhone isn't one of the 20 most popular phones for browsing the web, according to mobile analysts from mobile service firm Bango.


Top of the list is the Nokia 3110c, followed by the Samsung M800 and Nokia 6300 (right). The iPhone comes in at 24th. Based on the number of handsets projected to be sold by the end of 2009, outside of Japan and Korea, Nokia is the leader with sales of phones running the S60 operating system likely to reach 300 million, followed by Windows Mobile and the iPhone at 40 million, RIM at around 25 million and Google around five million.


The moral according to Bango? Businesses should make sites viewable on a much wider range of phones, particularly mid-end ones. After all, more and more of us are getting online with our phones, even when at home, which apparently accounts for more than half of mobile internet users.


For Bango CEO Ray Anderson's very readable thoughts on why the iPhone isn't the shiznit for web browsing, check out his blog here.


And why not hit up Mobile Choice's own top five, iPhone-free list of the best browsing phones?

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