Apple planning new Biometric feature for iPhone?

Apple has filed a new patent for a new Biometric Security feature that, say sources, could be quickly implemented with both the MacBook and the iPhone mobile phone, according to the Gizmodo website.


The new patent reveals that such a feature, that could be included within a future version of the iPhone, would include the Biometric facility in a largely unobtrusive manner by triggering the feature via a hidden sensor (or via the track-pad if you use it via a MacBook), to recognise fingerprints.


But that's not all, a possible Biometric sensior could also recognise vein patterns and even the shape of your ear. Apparently, the new patent allows the new feature to recognise face patterns.


Of course, at this stage, there are no details if Apple will utilise the feature at all, never mind when they might be likely to actually implement it.


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