Powerful, Arm-powered, mobile phones promised for forthcoming release

A range of new mobile phones are slated for release that will be run by a powerful new chip created by the British-based ARM company.


According to the PC World website, the company is due to release its new higher-end Mali-200 and Mali-400 processors this Winter.


According to Remi Pedersen, graphics product manager at ARM, the new chips promise 4x Anti-Aliasing out of Mali and up to 16x at a push. It will also run OpenGL ES 2.0, a shader-based system that removes cluttered code but keeps vertex and pixel shaders, pushing 16 million triangles/second and 275 million pixels/second respectively. And what on earth does that lot mean? Amazingly, it means that any mobile running the new processor will be able to run games that have the visual quality of a Microsoft Xbox but with the speed of a Xbox 360.


According to the report, it can even push out HD images of up to 1080p quality.


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