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"Hi all, I've lost my phone and subsequently all your numbers. Can you please email me with aforementioned number?" If I had a pound every time I received one of these messages I'd be writing this blog from my luxury pad in Barbados. Now I'm sure I'm not the only one with careless or crime targeted friends who keep losing their mobiles, unfortunately it's the society we live in. However, there is an answer. No we're not talking about sellotaping your phone to your hand or tackling a burly mugger. No what we suggest is BACKUP YOUR NUMBERS.


There're numerous sites now that will not only back up all your contacts, but also all your text messages, photos and even videos. ZYB and Mobyko are the two big players in mobile backup services. Having used both services personally (you won't be getting a "Hi all....." email from me, no siree) they're both easy to use with clear step by step instructions on what to do. Once you've signed up you'll simply be prompted via email every now and then to do an over the air synchronisation that will update your content.


While both ZYB and Mobyko effectively do the same thing, both have their unique features. One aspect of ZYB that I found both innovative yet slightly unnerving is the location sharing aspect, which allows you to see where your contacts are. Thankfully you can switch this off or filter who can see your location and who can't. In addition, as long as your contacts are ZYB members themselves, each time they change their number or contact info your address book will be automatically updated too, meaning you'll always have the correct up to date contact information.


Both ZYB and Mobyko are free. However, Mobyko does offer a premium service for £24.99 per year which provides 250MB of content storage as opposed to the freebie that provides 50MB. With such space available you will be able to not only back up your address book, but also build online photo albums, save those meaningful text messages and even log your mobile videos. Want more? Well Mobyko also throws in 100 free text messages that can be sent from any PC or Mac.


While losing your mobile can still be a pain in the wotsit, it no longer means you'll have to sit at your laptop and type the words "Yes it's happened again. Numbers please?"

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