Sony Ericsson unveils the T707

Sony Ericsson's T-range is continuing to churn out handsome handsets with the latest being the slim line T707. Sporting a clamshell format, the T707 boasts a novel light effect that ignite each time you receive a call. What's more you can assign different light effects to each of your contacts so (as long as you remember what represents who) you know who is calling you before you answer or without seeing your caller ID.


The Sony Ericsson T707 also houses the manufacturer's gimmicky gesture control. To dismiss an unwanted call or to snooze your alarm clock, simply wave your hand over the screen. There's no need to actually touch the device, the momentum of your palm passing above it will be suffice. The handset also features a 3.2-megapixel camera, HSDPA, 2.2-inch screen, FM radio and Bluetooth.


The Sony Ericsson T707 will be available before Q3 in three different colours; Mysterious Black, Spring Rose and Lucid Blue.


The T707 follows in the footsteps of the fetching T303 and T700.

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