Sanwa neckset replaces standard headset

Sanwa has released news of its forthcoming neckset which will perform the same operations as a standard headset.


Incorporating neck-based microphones, the neckset was originally designed for use by SWAT teams, according to the Akihabra website. In fact, this new design does resemble a similar styling that the military currently utilise on tactical missions.


Used with the right clothing, however, the neckset would also look less obvious to others than a traditional headset. As such, the latter has sometimes been the butt of numerous jokes and derision, so maybe the neckset might make this form of technology more socially acceptable.


It is also possible that the new Sanwa design could be incorporated into a matching headphone set - wired or Bluetooth design -  that could resemble a music system used by many people on the street that would serve as a headset to listen to calls.


Click to read the Akihabra story

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