Voicemail management with me2me

It's difficult to prioritise your voicemails without listening to them all the way through. Until now.


me2me's voicemail service prompts callers to specify keywords when leaving messages to indicate the content material. For example, if your dentist was calling you to reorganise an appointment, they could tag their messages with the keywords 'dentist' and 'appointment'.


These keywords will then be delivered to the recipient via an SMS along with the caller's details and time and date of the message. Users will then be able to access that specific voicemail when they dial into their account.


The idea is that users will be able to save time by prioritising their messages rather than having to run through all of their messages, many of which may be irrelevant or expired. me2me will be compatible with all handsets.


There is no announcement of when this service will be available or how much it may cost, but we will keep you posted.

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