Windows Marketplace to gouge developers?

Shock, horror, it turns out Microsoft's upcoming Windows Marketplace may be more a profiteering exercise than something to benefit developers and consumers.


MocoNews are reporting that Microsoft will charge developers an initial registration fee of $99 to submit five apps. After that each submission will cost $99, and the kicker is that ‘submission' covers anything from a whole new software version to simply correcting a typo. This would of course be pretty darn expensive for anyone who just wants to update some code.


A Microsoft spokesman said that "this process is to make sure that the end user experience is optimal, and that the device and network resources are not used in a malicious way. We believe that $99 is an acceptable cost of doing business, in order to gain access to a universe of millions of customers that are interested in purchasing your applications."


Of course, Apple's App Store is booming without charging developers to tweak code, and Google's Android Marketplace is just moderated by the community, so the best apps float to the top...

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