Four ways to boost your phone

Phones are cool and all, but we're part of the everything generation, and we want even more. Check out some accessory hardware to enhance those high-tech features on your snazzy new handset.


Add on Parrot Party Black Bluetooth speakers

For Wireless stereo   

No glitch-ridden Bluetooth pairing here - just touch your phone to the speaker system and you'll be able to stream music wirelessly from your device. The system's equaliser amps up the bass and its "Stereo Widening" ponies up a surround-sound type effect.

Great with Any music phone like Sony Ericsson's W902 or Nokia's 5800 XpressMusic


Add on Samsung TV out cable

For Viewing pictures, videos and movies on the big(ger) screen

If you have a top-notch phone for movies and music, pimp it out by getting a TV out cable and watching high-def movies from your phone on a nice big screen. This one comes with a mini-USB end.

Great with Movie-friendly phones with mini USB ports like the Samsung Omnia or LG Arena, both of which support high-quality DivX and Xvid video files. 


Add on LG HFB-500 Solar car kit

For On-the-go plug-free charging

A solar panel on the back converts sun energy to phone-powering electricity. Stick the phone in the kit to charge. 33 hours to fully solar-charge, but look Ma, no plugs. This sleek little device also works as a Bluetooth car kit that can pair to two phones at a time.

Great with Any phone for use as car kit, only LG phones as solar charger. Try LG's new solar-powered handset for added green points?


Add on Parrot DF 7700+ MMS digital photo frame

For Receiving and displaying phone snaps

Digital photo frames - old news. Digital frames that can receive MMS - nifty! This handy seven-inch LCD display comes with its own number, so all you have to do is text it with your recently snapped images, from anywhere in the world. USB-enabled, and stores up to 400 photos, with SD card slot expandable up to 32GB.

Great with Camera phones like the LG Renoir or Sony Ericsson C905

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