Brits like mobile internet while immobile

Orange just commissioned a survey of mobile internet users and found that 67 percent of them use mobile email at home; 56 percent use mobile internet at home.


Downloading mobile content is also significantly more likely to be performed at home, with  speed, convenience and alleviating boredom cited as the key reasons for usage.


The survey covered more than 2,000 consumers from all the UK network operators, and found that the average age for mobile media users is 36. 81% use mobile internet and email more than once a week; 46 percent daily.


People tend to view search engines, email, news, music and film, but 55% browse with no agenda all, leaving them wide open for those wily mobile marketers to grab their attention. 


And open they are - Orange says the most popular forms of mobile marketing are click-through ads and voucher redemptions, with 70% of users attracted by anything interactive.

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