Next-gen iPhone to get video recording?

According to the detectives of the internet, Apple's plans for the year will include at least one iPhone that can record video. Apple Insider is quoting an "extremely reliable" source who says that several hardware tweaks are in the works, including the ability to make like any budget handset and record some moving pictures.


Other investigative speculation postulates that due to references to four multi-known handheld products discovered by ArsTechnica, Apple may even market video-recording capabilities as a premium feature for high-end iPhones. Great, so we can spend quadruple for the hard-won right to film some stuff on its probably-going-to-be-average 3.2-megapixel camera?


Despite widespread big lovin' from everyone the world over, the iPhone has often been slammed for odd omissions like the lack of a video camera, inability to send and receive MMSes and no copy/paste function in texts and emails.  


Last Tuesday's iPhone OS 3.0 demo addressed two of these though, so maybe a new iPhone having video recording of its own isn't too far off.

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