Apple iPhone - next generation handset to feature multi-core graphics?

The next generation of the Apple iPhone has yet to be announced but there is plenty of speculation, already hurtling around the Internet, as to the new handset's feature list. The latest rumour surrounds the use of multi-core graphics processing in the future iPhone.


The basis for the reports surround Apple's acquisition of the graphics company, PSA Semi. Even more, Apple has shown its intention not to allow the graphic technology of this newly bought outfit to be sold onto the open market. Apple's intention to keep the chip-architecture strictly in-house has increased talk that this very same technology with be directly utilised in the next generation iPhone. It also means that Apple can custom make chips specifically for its own smartphone, differentiating it from other smartphone handsets on the market, according to the Intomobile website.


A multi-core graphics processor has the potential to increase graphics-crunching performance while also increasing efficiency.


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