Samsung Omnia HD will not appear with Microsoft Mobile...

Reports say that the Samsung Omnia HD, which was strongly aligned with the Microsoft Mobile operating system during its initial announcement, is actually to not appear with the software at all but, in fact, Nokia's successful S60 Symbian operating system instead.


Apparently, only the Symbian option will be available initially. However, a later edition, powered by Android, is also mooted to be under development and will be released in due course. The suggestion, by the MS Mobiles website, is that the Omnia HD is not to be released as a single handset but as a family of related handsets.


Unofficial sources say that the late arrival of the new version of Microsoft's Mobile operating system, version 6.5, is the reason for the exclusion of the software.


This is not a rejection of Microsoft per se. Expect to see version 6.5 on other handsets at a later date.


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