YouTube optimised for Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile phones

YouTube has released a new software application that will improve the performance of its videos on specific mobile phones. The targeted handsets include those that run on top of the popular operating systems: Symbian S60 - the Nokia standard - plus Microsoft's own Windows Mobile.


The intention, according to the Mobile Whack website, is to improve the overall experience of utilising YouTube videos. Specifically, users will experience an improvement in the start-up times. That is, the YouTube videos will initiate far quicker than usual. In addition, if you are in the habit of searching for videos, you should see an improvement in the speed of the search pattern. Finally, the video should now load onto your mobile far quicker too. This is partly due to the improved performance of the buffering, which loads video portions into your mobile's memory.


To download the app, visit from your device.


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