Apple's App Store - so what's it worth then?

A recent survey of the Apple App store has reported that, not only is the store itself growing at a ferocious rate, revenue from the service is also blossoming.


Reports say that the App store held around 15,000 apps in January. However, those same reports say that, if the current degree of growth continues, the total amount of apps available for public download, will exceed an impressive 300,000 by the end of this year. The report fixed a sum at just over $72,000 as the figure you would need to spend if you wanted to buy the entire App stock (don't forget, many apps are free). By the year's end, you'd need to spend over $900,000, according to the Business Week website.


Revenue sales are also growing at a similarly rapid pace. The report stated that the level of sales for the final quarter of last year reached $200 million. The level of income matches the current level of growth then the project figure for the final quarter of this year will hit a staggering $4 billion.


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