Blackberry Gemini 8325 mobile phone spotted

A new Blackberry mobile phone has been spotted out in the wild to join the recently seen Niagara. The Blackberry 8325, also to be known as the Gemini, is the subject of this, admittedly murky, image. Observers are classing the new Gemini handset as a measured upgrade from the Curve range - nothing too revolutionary. As such, many reports say that the new design resembles a cross between a Blackberry 8300 and 8900, according to the BGR website.


Details on the new Gemini are few and far between but observers say tha the new Blackberry mobile should be based on the latest, version 5.0, operating system and will feature a 320 x 240 resolution screen. As you can see by the image, the chassis includes a full QWERTY keyboard. Other features apparently include a two-megapixel camera plus full Wi-Fi (b/g and n) facilities.


A final release date and price are, as yet, unknown.


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