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Remember those mobiles that resembled bricks more than phones? I look back with a nostalgic fondness when I picture the BT Cellnet mobile phone I got free when opening my student bank account. I had some fun times with that mobile, entertaining myself with the countless humorous text messages circulating at the time, or changing my polyphonic ringtones on a daily basis. Ah, crazy days.


It has now been over 30 years since the first mobile phone was invented in Japan. Today in the UK alone over 85% of people own a mobile. Indeed it's strange to envisage the situation of asking someone for their mobile number only to be told, "Oh I don't actually have one." You would no doubt discreetly scoff at them before recounting the story to the amusement of your tech savvy pals. Mobiles are now part and parcel of our culture. You only have to switch to the latest reality TV show to be told "and to save so and so from the boot thus extending their seven minutes of fame to a whopping eight and a half, text XXXX".


However, our mobiles are now far more than just a means of calling and texting each other. With built-in music players, rapid internet access and of course the much sought after camera, we are constantly on the look out for the next all seeing all doing handset. Yet it's never a bad thing to remember where you came from, even if those ringtones do now sound somewhat dated.


We want to know what your favourite all-time favourite handset is and why. Post your comments below. In the meantime if you're after a retro-like device, Purple Gossip offers a variety of second hand phones from as little as £10. Visit for more details.

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