Apple iPhone OS 3.0 unveiled

Apple unveiled the next generation of the iPhone operating system yesterday and the upgrades do indeed include the copy/paste function for text, photos and SMS.


iPhoners will now also be able to send and receive MMSes with photo and voice recording files, though there is still no support for video files.


V.3.0 will also finally see the addition of push notifications, and a new in-app payment system that will allow users to purchase content within a downloaded application to expand its capabilities, like you can with console games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero.


We'll see more integrated GPS in apps, as Apple announced Core Location would be available for developers to build turn-by-turn directions into their applications.


And iPhones will now be able to communicate with each other, as a new system based on Apple's Bonjour technology will let people play multiplayer games and exchange data files without need to be connected to a third-party server or Wi-FI hub.


The upgrade is available free to iPhone  owners and £7 for iPod Touch owners.


The developer's kit is available today, and Apple says the OS will be out for consumers in summer, which means this is the operating system we'll be seeing on summer's iPhone 'nano'?

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