T-Mobile enhances its Flext tariff

In recognition that more people solely use their mobiles rather than landlines, T-Mobile has updated their popular Flext tariff. Customers will now be able to enjoy cheap international calling and texting to over 50 destinations, while a select number of premium rate 08 numbers will also be available for less. It means the likes of telephone banking and customer service numbers won't hit you hard in the pocket when your monthly bill turns up.


Other updates include unlimited web'n'walk access for all day internet access which is bound to appeal to users of T-Mobile's G1 web-heavy device. Customers will receive a free weekly text alert detailing how much they have been spending and what their remaining monthly credit is while also enjoying free voicemail retrieval.


For more information on T-Mobile's updated Flext tariff, visit www.t-mobile.co.uk/flext.

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