Mobile TV to be mainstream by 2011

Reports are always claiming things like mobile TV will 'explode!' but it never really does. Well, here's a slightly more realistic statistic - a management consultancy thinks that by 2011, there will be 140 million people watching TV on their mobile phones.


Today 40 million users watch mobile TV, which is only 1% of mobile phone users. But with an improving industry offering content like HBO Mobile's prime-time programming or BBC's iPlayer on the Nokia N96, Arthur D. Little predicts the figure will more than triple in the next two years.


The company says Asia may be the place where mobile TV really picks up (surprise, surprise). China's national broadcast mobile TV already has 1.2 million subscribers, and the planned launch of a satellite platform and the fact that over 200 types of TV-compatible mobile devices are available means there could be rapid mass adoption of mobile TV.


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