Blackberry phones go soapy

Yes, now you can clean around the RIM. Well, it had to be said. For the princely sum of $4.99, you can now buy yourself a bar of soap shaped like a Blackberry mobile phone and scrub yourself clean with your favourite mobile. Bizarre? Well, there have already been reports of Blackberry ice sculptures out there as well as the odd birthday cake. So this little addition is no real surprise and it's more useful and practical too.


This particular bar of soap is a little but intriguing, however. Mysterious, even. Firstly, the icons on the soap's ‘screen', look rather iPhone-like, which might be a little discomforting to RIM fanatics. Secondly, as has already been noted on certain sections of the Internet, such as the website, the shape of the soap more resembles a 7100. Why not a Storm or one of the later Curves?


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