Philips Xenium X700 mobile phone ready for Europe

No sooner has the X530 mobile phone been released onto the market then Philips release the X700 with a further, intended release into Europe. However, the final release date for the phone is yet to be decided. The proposed price for the X700 will be €170, according to the Phones Review website.


The X700 is based on GPRS and EDGE data transfer protocols with quad band GSM. Based upon a flip phone chassis, the phone features a two and half inch internal TFT display with an additional QVGA, external screen measuring two inches.


The handset reportedly features a built in camera. Specifications apparently reach a reasonable 3.2-megapixels. Bluetooth 2.0 is included for short range, wireless connections to accessories such as headsets. Entertainment facilities include a FM radio which also features RDS for extra station information.

A final price for the X700 in the UK market has yet to be released.


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