Samsung MPB200 and i7410 mobiles, pricing and release dates

Samsung's new range of projector-based mobile phones, the MPB200 and the i7410 handsets, have received final details for both release dates and prices.


The Samsung MBP200 is reported to be shipping during May and will cost €499. The i7410 has yet to receive an official price but it will apparently be shipping later in Summer.


The MBP200 will include a HVGA projection panel of 480 x 320 pixels and a mobile screen of 2.2 inches that will run at QVGA, 480 x 320 pixels plus a microSDHC slot to upgrade the memory to 16GB.


The i7410, which was initially released in Korea as the Samsung Show, might feature the headline-grabbing projector facility but the rest of the phone is pretty attractive too including, as it does, a 3.2" screen squeezing in 240×400 pixels and being based on the new, advanced, AMOLED touchscreen technology. It also includes a decent 5MP camera with a LED flash plus a microSDHC slot to upgrade the memory to 16GB. As for the built-in projector? It will be able to project an image size of between five and 50 inches at QVGA, 480×320px resolution, according to the Unwired website.


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