Palm Pre exclusive to O2?

The much-hyped Palm Pre smartphone will be an O2 exclusive, according to a report at Palm Infocenter. Spanish media reported Telefónica - which owns O2 - will exclusively offer the Palm Pre in Spain, UK and Latin America


Since its official unveiling at January's Consumer Electronics Show, the Pre has probably become the most heroic of all the hero handsets hyped by sites like us.


It'll be the first device to run Palm's new WebOS Linux-based operating system, whose coolest feature is the linking of related info from calendars, contacts and messaging apps.


Of course, that's not why it's the big, bad iPhone killer - it also rocks a slick new touch-screen with the crucial addition of a slide-out QWERTY for extra-easy texting and emailing. And it looks really sexy. Phwoar.


Reports in the Spanish media pegged a launch date of ‘before summer' which is in line with other rumours on the subject.


It should be noted though, that when we saw it at Mobile World Congress, the display model was running on the Vodafone network. Eleventh hour switcheroo? The ol' bait and switch? Whatever the reason, O2 would be feeling pretty slick for having bagged both the iPhone and its next dethroner.

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