GoGo Powerpack provides power when you need it

The GoGo Powerpack 2500 has been released to enhance the battery life of your mobile phone and other mobile devices.


Including a rechargable battery, the basic reserve of the GoGo Powerpack is pretty robust. That is, you will be able to recharge your chosen mobile phone on several occasions before you will need to plug the Powerpack back into the mains.


The exact number of times that you will be able to charge your mobile phone will, of course, vary and will, according to the company, be dependent upon the physical size of your handset's battery. However, most phones will be able to recharge three times on the Powerpack's basic reserves.


Other devices will benefit from the Powerpack too so you will gain extra value for money if you use a range of mobile devices. For example, the Powerpack will enable from eight to twelve hours of continous gaming on a Sony PSP.


The GoGo Powerpack is available now and retails at $59.99. Distribution is still being finalised so UK customers may have to wait to be able to purchase it.


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