Half of the world now owns a mobile phone

A United Nations agency known as the International Telecommunications Union has just declared the results of a new, world-wide, mobile phone survey. The highlight is that half the world now uses a mobile phone. That figure is up by a billion from 2002.


"There has been a clear shift to mobile cellular telephony," said the report. "In contrast to the growth in the mobile sector, fixed line telephony has experienced nearly no growth in the last decade."


The Telegraph website also reported that use of the Internet had doubled since 2002 and that around a quarter of the world's population is now connected to the Internet.


The report listed the United Kingdom in tenth place in a league of those countries which are ‘making best use of information and communications technology'. The top of the league is occupied by Sweden with South Korea and then Denmark following. Below the UK was the USA, France, Germany and Japan.


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