Tweetie 1.3 rejected by Apple App store

Apple has recently declared that it has banned the communications utility, Tweetie 1.3, from inclusion onto the official Apple App store.


The reason for the move is an Apple report that, after a search, offensive material was generated from the public Twitter trends rankings, according to the iPhone Blog website.


As has been reported by many observers already, this action does smack a little of hypocrisy. Firstly, Apple does sanction numerous utilities, which currently appear on the Apple App store, that generate farting noises and others to wobble numerous boobs. In addition, it doesn't take too long to generate offensive material from the Apple created web browser, Safari. Yet, we don't see Apple banning Safari from the iPhone.


The problem is that, while many of those farting and boob-related utilities that roam the App store are perfectly useless, the Twitter utility is genuinely useful. Let's hope that Apple sees the error of its ways.


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