Nokia's Music Store may drop DRM

Nokia has declared that it may follow iTunes in removing all of its digital right management (DRM) from its own music service, Comes With Music, which features tracks from four major labels.


The Nokia service, which is available on a select number of mobile phones, such as the Nokia 5800, allows you to download as many songs as you wish for up to one year after the mobile has been purchased. After the period is completed users are allowed to keep any music they have already downloaded, according to the PC World website.


Up until now, you were unable to transfer the music to an MP3 player or a CD because of the DRM protection that each song contained. That situation may change.


Adam Mirabella, director of Global Digital Music Retail at Nokia, commented that: 'We always knew digital was the answer, but we've never been able to find a model that makes money, given the fact that music is so available on the net or so freely available that people were getting the music they wanted, but not actually paying for it.' 


Nokia has yet to declare any final decision or proposed dates of implementation.


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