Pretec reveals the new SDXC card

Pretec has announced the imminent launch of a new memory expansion card based on the SD format that will be able to hold 2Tb of data. However, that figure will not be available immediately.


The new card's full appellation is ‘eXtended Capacity' and it will reach a performance of read/write speeds up to 50Mbps initially and up to 104Mbps in the future, according to the Gizmodo website. However, because the new format utilises the exFAT file system, Pretec's SDXC card is not compatible with SDHC, which is using FAT32 file system.


The Pretec card will initially arrive in capacities of 32GB. This capacity will be extended up to 64GB by the end of the year. Will such capacities make hard disks a redundant accessory? At present there are no details on either distribution or price or devices which have declared that they will support the format.


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