Smartphone on a budget? Pick up Nokia's N85 from Mobiles2YourDoor

For those looking to buy a fully featured smartphone but don't have the funds to buy a Nokia N96, for example, this N85 is ideal. You also receive a wealth of free minutes that will satisfy most people over a typical month so most users won't have to pay extra for calls. Finally, the line rental discount means that you will save a total of £175 over the life of the contract.

  • Handset name: Nokia N85
  • Supplier: Mobiles2YourDoor
  • Free handset: Free
  • Contract name: Dolphin £35
  • Free call minutes: 600
  • Free Texts: 3000 
  • Rental/month: £17.50 for 10 months then £35 for 8 months
  • Contract: 18 months
  • Offers: Half price line rental for 10 months 

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Look and feel

At 2.6 inches, the N85's OLED screen is 0.2 inches smaller than the N96, but the phone still displays up to 16 million colours with a resolution of 240x320 pixels.


Ease of use

Slide it one way to reveal the standard alphanumeric keypad and slide the other direction to unveil four media control keys.



The N85 is right up there with the best when it comes to mobile navigation.



Both recording and playing back video was seamless, with the OLED screen capable of displaying some marvellous imagery.


Battery life

The battery life is very good.


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