Nokia 5030: Pimped out radio

Nokia's done a bit of PR wizardry and bigged up a normal phone as a 'radio phone for the people'. At its virtual launch of its new music phones this morning, the company announced the 5030, which is basically your basic budget handset inclusive of ability to call, text, and an FM radio.


Oh, and a ‘powerful loudspeaker on the back' so you can use it as a portable radio. Because public transport isn't dire enough as it is? A USP is the built-in antenna right inside the device, which means it should get better reception than most.


Anyway, the device is really aimed at the entry level market, and looks suitably solid and functional. You can also ‘phone-share' and track pre-pay usage, and the device comes with a flashlight, which we suppose is always useful.  


Ships in Q2 for around 40 euros. UK price to be confirmed.

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