Monopoly on N-Gage

Yep, the 70-year-old board game has migrated to your N-gage handset. Monopoly: Here and Now - the World Edition was recently published by Electronic Arts, and if you liked Monopoly on the board, you'll like it on your phone (conversely, if you hated Monopoly then, you'll hate it now).


The gameplay is exactly the same as with regular Monopoly, but insanely, there's no multiplayer mode. Well, unless you count ‘pass it around' mode, which is an actual mode in the game. N-gage handsets are fully capable of use with multi-player online games, so it's disappointing there's no such feature with Monopoly, whose turn-based gameplay would work perfectly online with multiple players.


Though the game looks nice with 3D graphics and animations, EA have dispensed with the old playing pieces - boot, hat, dog, etc - which seems a little cruel. After all, who's picking up Monopoly for mobile unless they've got a hankering for ye olde times?


All About N-Gage have a comprehensive review up here.

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