Top 10 Recycled Phones

Everyone's recycling their Nokias, according to online phone recycler The 6300 was the top recycled handset in February, and it can make its ex-owner £40 cash, or £48 in Marks & Spencer's vouchers.


Nokias - the 3310, 6230i, 3410, 6230 and 6310i - take up the next five slots in the popularity-to-recycle stakes, followed by the Sony Ericsson W810, Samsung D900, and Nokia 3510i.


Mopay says consumers upgrade their mobile every 12-18 months on average. To put on our eco-friendly hat for a second, if their old mobiles aren't disposed of correctly, or recycled, that's a lot of hazardous cadmium (about 1,500 tonnes if you want numbers) that could be hitting landfills and getting into the ecosystem.


Some old mobiles can be worth up to £300 depending on model and condition, which is a tidy sum to pick up for outdated tech just sitting in your bottom drawer.

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