Watchmen game for iPhone released

Watchmen: Justice is Coming for iPhone was released on Friday and it's shaping up as pure awesome.


The game-based-on-the-movie-based-on-the-comic is an MMO (massive multiplayer online) game where you'll be able to customise your character's appearance and in a cool little twist, personality based on what you see in an ink blot test.


According to CNET, who ran an interview with game designer Jeff Morgan, Watchmen: Justice is Coming is a turn-based fighting RPG where players can choose one of three possible attack skills. You can level up, change your appearance, and talk to other players.


Battle is influenced by your experience level, the balance of attack power versus defence power, and your attack skills level.


You'll be playing against anyone else who's online. Well, we say ‘you', we mean ‘you with an iPhone or iPod touch'.

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