Orange mobiles to be credit cards

According to the Times Online, you'll be able to use your Orange handset as a virtual credit card within the next three years.


The operator has struck a partnership with Barclaycard, the credit card from Barclays bank. Soon customers will only have to pass their phones in front of a scanner to pay for things, and a chip in the handset will make the charge to their Barclaycard account.


Orange is in discussions with manufacturers to add these new handsets to their road maps. Matt Sears, an Orange spokesman, said: 'We'll start seeing the first handsets in 12 to 24 months, but they won't be available immediately. In terms of widespread adoption, we won't see it until 2012.'


Both companies hope to expand this to transport, ticket sales and credit card rewards.


You can already get onePulse, a Barclaycard with Oyster account attached, and mobile banking is becoming increasingly mainstream. This latest development moves us one step closer to using our phones as credit cards and travelcards.

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