Acer: 10 new smartphones in 2009

While at the launch of Acer's flagship smartphones, we also got wind of their slightly more exciting handsets for the second half of 2009. Acer is citing a total of 10 new smartphones for release this year.


The F1 (code name only) looks to be the prettiest of the lot, with a sleek, slim black chassis and full touch-screen. Acer said the phone would be optimised for email, browsing, video and gaming so let's hope for a heftier processor than the 533MHz of their currently available handsets. Price range 400-500 euros.


L1 is a more functional slider with a ‘competitive' price tag of 250-320 euros. Although not the traditional tablet-style touch-screen, it does have full touch capabilities, including a soft full QWERTY keyboard.


The C1 is an entry level internet phone that will be available at 0-49 euros. For that price, it has an alright specs list too - full-touch, GPS, 3G and what looks to be a very reasonably sized screen. Acer are tagging it ‘My First Mobile Internet Phone' for late bloomers.


All these will be running on Windows Mobile 6.5, but Acer didn't rule out the possibility of its other devices running on alternate OSs. (Though can you really see an Acer phone going down the Android route?) No prototypes for us to play with sadly, but we did get some photos (right) of slides detailing the USP of each device.

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