BT given all clear for high-speed broadband

BT has been given the green light by the regulator, Ofcom, to commence the installation of a high-speed broadband service within the UK. BT intends to invest £1.5 billion into the network. Part of the impetus behind the regulator's decision is the government's intention to provide national access to high speed broadband and the services that will align themselves to it.


BT chief executive Ian Livingston said to The Guardian website: 'This is an important step and will allow the market to develop the next generation of the UK's broadband infrastructure, which is so critical to the UK's future as a knowledge based economy.'


He added: 'The stage is now set for a wide variety of players, of all different shapes and sizes, to do their bit in providing consumers with a choice for superfast and innovative services. Now it's all about delivery.'


The intention is to provide access to this service to 10m homes, about 40% of UK households, by 2012. BT will run fibre optic cables to roadside cabinets and also to some premises directly, offering speeds of between 40MB and 100MB per second.


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