BlackBerry receives Facebook 1.5 software

BlackBerry mobile phones now have access to a new variant of Facebook software - an ever growing phenomenom in the mobile community. The latest version, v1.5, includes integration with three applications: BlackBerry Message, Calendar and Contact.


Previously, if you received a message via Facebook or some or form of contact, you had to open up the Facebook application itself and navigate yourself to the new entry. With the new version of Facebook for BlackBerry, you can bypass this requirement by, according to the BGR website, enabling the BlackBerry Message application option and view every Facebook message from the convenience of your inbox.


For the new BlackBerry calendar application integration option, where you might have events connected to Facebook, those events are transferred to your calendar, which should enhance the usability of this Facebook feature and make notification access a whole lot easier.


Finally, the new software integrates the Contacts area, linking your Facebook friends with your other contacts - including phone numbers, work details, profile pictures and so on. You can link and unlink contacts, however. You don't have to have all your Facebook contacts ‘live' in your Contacts book.


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