Acer launches quartet of predictable smartphones

Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro? Check. Black tablet-style body? Check. Can't really tell them apart? Check.


We went along to the Acer smartphone launch today and saw the four new smartphones that are the flagships for Acer's new ‘smart hand-held' division.


There isn't a whole lot to differentiate the specs list, but we've picked out the special features of each. All run on a Samsung 533MHz processor, have Microsoft Exchange email, Messenger and Office Suite, as well as HSDPA, Wi-Fi and GPS, while entertainment features include a three-megapixel camera (except the M900), LED flash, MPEG4 video and music player. Pictures of each device are on the right - see if you can spot the difference!


DX900 The business phone, with dual-SIM slots and easy switching between work/personal numbers. Interestingly for a business-oriented device, it has a 3.5mm audio jack. It's pretty sizeable at 106x60.5x17mm - which we guess is down to the double SIM action, since it's not packing a whole lot of power, otherwise.


F900 Probably the coolest phone here, with a 3.8-inch WVGA touch-screen and looks that bring to mind a primitive iPhone or Touch HD. A widget-based interface and software QWERTY complete the look, but the lack of a 3.5mm audio jack in what looks like the most media-centric phone of the lot, is silly.


M900 This one has a 3.8-inch touch-screen with a slide-out, full QWERTY keyboard, and piqued our interest slightly. It also bucks the trend with a five-megapixel camera. This device comes with a fingerprint sensor to lock/unlock the phone - a nice little feature that we think could be taken a lot further, and used to access certain apps and websites too.


X960 A navigator phone with a 2.8-inch VGA touch-screen, one-click access to maps and directions and the same widget-based UI as the F900.

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