LG KC910 Renoir receives 8Gb memory upgrade

LG has addressed the shortcomings of one its popular mobile phones, the KC910 Renoir, by upgrading its internal memory capacity to 8GB, which will enhance its already well received media facilities.


The new handset will now be known as the LG KC910 Renoir 8GB Black, and will retain the same features as the current model such as 3G HSDPA fast data transfer, Wi-Fi and an eight-megapixel camera.


The mobile previously only featured a small internal memory of 70MB. To enhance the memory, you had to access the built-in microSD slot to upgrade the memory to 8GB. LG has uupgraded the internal memory of the new but also kept the microSD slot in place, which means that you will be able to upgrade the overall memory capacity further.


However, no official announcement has offered a figure for the new overall capacity, according to the Phones Review website.


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