Family schedule managed with O2 Joggler

O2 is trying to reinvent the traditional wall calendar with the bizarrely named O2 Joggler. Designed to sit at the centre of the home and to remain constantly on, the Joggler connects to your home Broadband via Wi-Fi or through an Ethernet cable with no additional costs. The home screen is divided into 15 icons that are fully operated via touch-screen and include traffic, news, sports and weather feeds (all provided via Sky), as well as the ability to store and display up to 200 photos.


Each family member can input their own schedule in the built-in O2 calendar, meaning they can all keep up to speed with each others itinerary. Although the O2 Joggler is available to customers of all networks, only O2 customers will benefit from a text message reminder facility that will alert all family members of any impending appointments.


The O2 Joggler is available from April for £149.99 from O2 stores and from O2's online shop ( Alternatively it will also be available instead of a handset upgrade.


Oh and as for the ‘bizarre' name? It's a mishmash of the words ‘jogging' and ‘juggling' in reference to the fast paced and hectic lives we lead.

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