Six Best Video Recording phones

So you've read our top tips of what to look out for when purchasing a mobile phone with good video recording credentials. Well here's our definitive guide to the best video recording handsets currently available.


1.) LG Renoir


Renowned for its eight-megapixel camera abilities, the LG Renoir also offers a fantastic video experience. As with the LG Secret and Viewty before it, the Renoir can record videos in VGA quality at 30fps, and QVGA at 120fps for slow-motion. What's more, it can even record QVGA videos at 5fps for those fast-motion action shots. The lens is protected by a cover that needs to be turned to fire it up, while LG has been kind enough to include an 8GB microSD card, so as long as you don't use up all that space with your music tracks, there should be plenty of room to store your video content. We also like the TV-out facility, which means you can replay your home videos on the big screen.


2.) Sony Ericsson W595 (3 version)


The great thing about the Sony Ericsson W595 is its ability to upload video directly to YouTube. Set up a YouTube account, and each time you record a video with your W595 you will be asked whether you want to upload the video straight to YouTube. It's a seamless process, which means you and the rest of the worldwide web can be watching your creations on YouTube in little less than five minutes (traffic dependent). However, before you head straight to the shops to pick one up, the YouTube uploading application is exclusive to 3, as is the jungle grey colour it adorns. What's more, it's a tad disappointing that the maximum fps that you can record in is just 15, and when recording in picture message mode the maximum length of footage is just 24 seconds.


3.) HTC Touch HD


With a huge 3.8-inch high-definition screen, video looks great on the HTC Touch HD. Plus it has an infinite recording time, albeit until the battery goes flat or you run out of storage space, which means you'll be able to shoot your very own blockbuster. That said, you will be restricted to recording it in a maximum of 30fps QVGA. Frustratingly, you can't alter the settings once you've hit record, including the zoom facility, so it's important to fix them as best you can before the shoot.


4.) Nokia N82


Despite its full feature set including a five-megapixel camera, built-in GPS, HSDPA and Wi-Fi capabilities, the Nokia N82's standout feature is its ability to make and edit video. Not only can it shoot video at 30fps, it can also zoom in 4x with the digital zoom (10x in QVGA mode). Add digital video stabilisation, white balance settings, scene and colour tone setting, and the ability to record in both MP4 and 3GP video file formats, and this is one well-equipped camera phone. There is even a video-editing suite on the device to let you apply the finishing touches to your masterpiece.


5.) Samsung Pixon


As with the HTC Touch HD, the Samsung Pixon sports a large screen (3.2-inch), which is ideal for shooting and recording video because it fits so much more in shot. There is also a lens cover to help keep the optics in good nick. However, what really makes the Pixon shine is the fact that it can record at 30fps in Wide VGA (WVGA), meaning even more pixels can be fitted in shot. More pixels mean a better quality recording. Slow-motion recording can be achieved in QVGA at 120fps, while the onboard editing application lets you trim, copy, cut, merge and even add audio tracks to your mini videos.


6.) Moto Z10


Championed as a handset that provides a true video experience, the Moto Z10 may be looking a tad outdated, but make no mistake, it was fairly groundbreaking when it first hit the shelves in June 2008. Its 30 fps in QVGA was revolutionary at the time, as it promised a DVD quality recording. However, it is its excellent Media Editor that ensures it still holds its own among the video heavyweights. Add your own subtitles, commentary, soundtrack, or create your own storyboard by splicing a number of short videos together, to create your own mega-length movie.

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