Sat navs - do they cause more problems than they solve?

A truck driver, who was following the directions of his built-in sat nav system, was taken down a small country lane, became stuck and couldn't move for five days.


The lorry was travelling through the small village of Syde in the Cotswolds when, on a hairpin bend, it hit a ditch. It took a digger to shift the lorry. Speaking to The Telegraph website, local resident Di Whittaker, said: 'It was another of these instances where sat nav has completely failed. He started turning up this hill with a hairpin bend, found he couldn't go any further, started reversing, then lost it completely. It tipped over and slid into a ditch and then because of the weight of its cargo it slid a bit. It meant that nobody could get up or down the hill - people could get out but they had to go another way, no one could go around it.'


This is just one of an increasing amount of problems caused by the proliferation of sat navs in both cars and lorries.


Local councillor, Shaun Parsons, said: 'They look at their sat nav and potter off down these lanes, which are so narrow, and all of a sudden, this happens.'


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